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  1. Vitamin D, a hormone involved in the regulation of mineral homeostasis, protects skeletal integrity and modulates cell growth and differentiation. Recently, its potential antifibrotic effects have also been id...

    Authors: Hebatallah Saad Abouzeed, Lerine Bahey Eldin, Shereen Mohamed El Masry, Gina Gamal Naguib, Mona Ali Nagy, Nadin Nabil Toaima and Tawhida Yassin Abdel-Ghaffar
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:15
  2. Natural bioactive components derived from plant secondary metabolites have been pronounced as valuable alternatives for anticipating and subsiding hepatotoxic effects and its chronic complications based on exp...

    Authors: Bipindra Pandey, Rishiram Baral, Atisammodavardhana Kaundinnyayana and Sushil Panta
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:14
  3. Decompensated liver disease (DCLD) has high mortality, and its prediction is important to prognosticate and prioritize patients for liver transplantation. MELD, MELD variants, and CTP were widely tested for mo...

    Authors: Shanid Abdul Sathar and Jijo Vargheese
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:13
  4. This study aimed to evaluate the rate of hepatic decompensation and de novo HCC and identify their independent factors in HCV genotype 4-infected patients with compensated liver cirrhosis following successful ...

    Authors: Mohamad Saeed Marie, Hend Ibrahim Shousha, Wael Abdelrazek, Mohamad Hassany, Hosam Dabees, Reem Abdelghafour, Walaa mosaad Aboganob and Mohamed Said
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:12
  5. The liver has an important role in the different metabolic processes. So, inborn errors of metabolism will result in several metabolic disorders, which can cause acute or chronic liver disease leading to cirrh...

    Authors: Tawhida Yassin Abdel Ghaffar, Hani Sayed Abo-Alam, Mohammed Emam, Mortada El-Shabrawi, Ali Ibrahim Ali Soliman and Nourhan Badwei
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:11
  6. Egypt has been a pioneer in implementing a nationwide HCV screening and treatment program. Assessment of liver fibrosis after HCV eradication is important. The value of liver stiffness measurement (LSM) for th...

    Authors: Ahmed El Ray, Laurent Castera, Ahmed Al-Ashry and Sameh Ghali
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:10
  7. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is a significant complication among cirrhotic patients with ascites and is associated with high mortality. Early diagnosis and treatment of SBP are crucial, as they are ...

    Authors: Ahmed Abudeif, Mahmoud Ibrahim Elbadry and Nesma Mokhtar Ahmed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:9
  8. Hepatic involvement is a common extranodal manifestation of common and some rare hematologic malignancies. Although the imaging features of more common hepatic diseases such as hepatocellular carcinoma, metast...

    Authors: Maged T. Elghannam, Moataz H. Hassanien, Yosry A. Ameen, Gamal M. ELattar, Ahmed A. ELRay, Mohammed D. ELtalkawy and Ahmed Y. Montasser
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:8
  9. The liver has a major role in the production of coagulation factors, and cirrhotic patients have a series of coagulopathy disorders. The present study aimed to measure plasma fibrinogen levels in children with...

    Authors: Samaneh Hamzelou Hosseinabadi, Naser Honar, Seyed Mohsen Dehghani and Hazhir Javaherizadeh
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:7
  10. Early detection of biliary atresia (BA) is a great challenge providing the main useful way to improve its clinical consequence. Promising metabolomics provides an effective method for determining innovative bi...

    Authors: Samah Abdelfatah Eshiaty, Shimaa Abdelsattar, Dina Sweed, Samira A. Abdel-Aziz, Ashraf Elfert and Hala Elsaid
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:6
  11. Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD) is a rare histiocytic disorder recently recognized as a neoplasm due to the discovery of activating MAPK pathway mutations. Hepatic involvement by ECD is extremely rare.

    Authors: Ruchi Sharma, Mary S. Stone, Donald E. Macfarlane, Andrew M. Bellizzi and Gopala Koneru
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:4
  12. NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is increasing worldwide. Inflammation, fibrosis, and steatosis are the three components of NAFLD. Cardiac events are the most common cause of death in NAFLD. It is bel...

    Authors: Jijo Varghese, Krishnadas Devadas, Neeraj Vinayakumar, Nibin Nahaz, Atul Hareendran, Tharun Tom Oommen and Bony George
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:3
  13. Iatrogenic bile duct injuries are unusual but possibly associated with fatal complications with increased incidence since the introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Appropriate estimation of these injur...

    Authors: Mohamed Saied Abdelgawad, Mohamed Eid, Sameh Abokoura, Mohamed Amin Elmazaly and Rasha Abdelhafiz Aly
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:2
  14. Endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation (EPLBD) after sphincterotomy (EST) was introduced for the removal of large (≥ 10 mm) or multiple bile duct stones. This method combines the advantages of EST and EPL...

    Authors: Hossam Ibrahim Mohammed, Ali Saad Eldin Nada, Randa Mohamed Seddik and Ahmed Ragab ElGazara
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:1
  15. Hepatitis C virus, a member of Flaviviridae is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus infecting 62–79 million people around the globe. This blood-borne virus is one of the leading causes of liver diseases ...

    Authors: Fatima Butt, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Hassan, Farah Tawakkal, Iram Amin, Samia Afzal, Rashid Bhatti, Rabia Nawaz and Muhammad Idrees
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:71
  16. Dengue constitutes a public health problem in endemic regions. The clinical course can range from asymptomatic to severe expressions. Hemorrhagic manifestations are the most frequently reported complications; ...

    Authors: Carlos Eduardo Ruiz Gonzalez, Juan Daniel Criado Villamizar, Yuderleys Masías León, Diego Fernando García García and Katherine Tatiana Centeno Hurtado
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:70
  17. Portal hypertension is considered as a major complication of liver cirrhosis. Endoscopy plays a main role in managing of gastrointestinal complications of portal hypertension. Endoscopists are at increased ris...

    Authors: Amr M. Elsayed, Yasser M. Fouad, Hatem A. Hassan, Taha M. Hassanin, Abbas M. Abbas and Alshymaa A. Hassnine
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:68
  18. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) may induce extrahepatic manifestations as acute or chronic renal dysfunction. The aim was to evaluate the diagnostic role of some biomarkers as cystatin C, cryoglobulins, rheumatoid fac...

    Authors: Nagwa Mohamed Assem, Amany Ibrahim Mohammed, Hamed Mohamed Abdel Barry, Ibrahim El Tantawy El Sayed and Ibrahim Elmadbouh
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:67
  19. Liver is a complex, highly vascular organ, where anatomical variations are the norm. This study aimed to analyze all the three hepatic vascular anatomical variations in a single study which would help us under...

    Authors: Panneerselvam Rajapriyan, Souradeep Dutta, Krishnan Nagarajan, Krishnaraj Ariharan and Vishnu Prasad Nelamangala Ramakrishnaiah
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:65
  20. Wilson disease (WD) is an inherited disorder of copper metabolism commonly involving the liver, cornea, and brain. Its incidence is increasing day by day worldwide. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are the...

    Authors: Salahuddin Mahmud, Jahida Gulshan, Madhabi Baidya, Rafia Rashid, Farhana Tasneem, Ahmed Rashidul Hasan, Tanzila Farhana and Syed Shafi Ahmed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:64
  21. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most prevalent chronic liver diseases. It is shown that moderate to high physical activities can play a crucial role in improving this disease.

    Authors: Zahra Koohestani Sini, Mohammad Esmaeil Afzalpour, Mohsen Mohammadnia Ahmadi, Mohammad Ali Sardar, Homa Khaleghzadeh, Sattar Gorgani-Firuzjaee, Martin Hofmeister, Esedullah Akaras and Amin Azimkhani
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:63

    The Correction to this article has been published in Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:26

  22. Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a main manifestation of acute decompensation in liver cirrhosis. Recently, systemic inflammation was proposed as a key mechanism in the development of acute kidney injury (AKI) i...

    Authors: Hossam Shahbah, Osman Mohamed Osman, Sadek Mostafa, Abdelgawad Saied Mohamed, Ahmed Alashkar, Mohamed Saad-Eldeen Radwan, Mohammed Salah Hussein, Alshimaa Alaboudy, Ahmed Eliwa, Ashraf Elbahrawy and Hafez Abdelhafeez
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:62
  23. The first direct-acting antiviral (DAA) medications were approved for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) in 2011. Later, the appearance of novel DAAs had revolutionized the landscape of HCV treat...

    Authors: Mohamed Elbadry, Abdelmajeed M. Moussa, Mohamed Eltabbakh, Amira Al Balakosy, Mohammad Abdalgaber, Nermeen Abdeen, Reem Y. El Sheemy, Shimaa Afify and Mohamed El-Kassas
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:61
  24. Iron deficiency anemia is common among patients with chronic liver disease. Reticulocyte hemoglobin is a marker for iron availability in the bone marrow that is not affected by inflammation.

    Authors: Mariam Saad Nassim, Mona S. El Raziky, Kareem Baiomy and Mai Abd El Salam
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:60
  25. Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) have been shown to play an important role in inflammatory and thrombotic processes. Investigating the presence of NETs in liver cirrhosis to detect any contribution to occ...

    Authors: Enaam Ali ElSayed Al Mowafy and Salma AbdelGhany Shawkat
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:59
  26. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the main cancers in the world with a high mortality rate. The molecular mechanisms of HCC are poorly understood. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have a role in HCC patho...

    Authors: Ahmed Ramadan, Ashraf Omar Abdelaziz, Dina Sabry, Shaimaa Abd El tawab Fathi, Mohamed Mahmoud Nabeel, Hend Ibrahim Shousha, Tamer Mahmoud Elbaz, Rania mohamed Lithy and Hoda Ramadan Ryed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:58
  27. Non-pharmacological exposure or pharmacological drug-induced hepatic injury is the most common cause of hepatotoxicity. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract against bis...

    Authors: Yasmin A. Abd-Elnaby, Ibrahim E. ElSayed, Mabrouk A. AbdEldaim, Eman A. Badr, Mona M. Abdelhafez and Ibrahim Elmadbouh
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:57
  28. Genetic variants of Patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 3 (PNPLA3) and transmembrane 6 superfamily member 2 (TM6SF2) genes have been reported with the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (...

    Authors: Samar Samir Youssef, Eman Abd El Razek Abbas, Asmaa M. Elfiky, Sameh Seif, Mohamed Mahmoud Nabeel, Hend Ibrahim Shousha and Ashraf Omar Abdelaziz
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:56
  29. Telmisartan is a non-peptide angiotensin II receptor antagonist which acts by ACE/AngII/AT1 axis blockade (ARB). In the last years increasing evidence of its metabolic benefits pointed out this drug as the mos...

    Authors: Luciana Mendes Araújo Borém, Daniela Fernanda Freitas, Amanda Souto Machado, Alanna Fernandes Paraíso, Bruna Viana Caldas, João Felício Rodrigues Neto, Juliana Pinto Lima, André Luiz Sena Guimarães, Alfredo Maurício Batista de Paula and Sérgio Henrique Sousa Santos
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:55
  30. Recent studies suggested association between hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and cardiovascular disorders, including carotid atherosclerosis with evidence of an effect of HCV clearance on carotid atheroscler...

    Authors: Marwa Ahmed Mohamed, Essam M. Bayoumy, Mostafa Mohamed Swailam and Ahmed Samir Allam
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:54
  31. Despite the effectiveness of new therapies and awareness campaigns, the number of seropositive patients is increasing every year. Recently, other causes of death, not directly related to HIV, have emerged, suc...

    Authors: Francesco Cammarata, Laura Benuzzi, Michele Crespi, Albert Troci, Luca Pennacchi, Monica Schiavini and Diego Foschi
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:53
  32. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is the global epidemic of this century, affecting almost 100 million people, and it is now the leading cause of liver-related mortality and liver transplantation. Interferon (...

    Authors: Resha Dermawansyah Rusman, Nu’man AS Daud, Muhammad Luthfi Parewangi, Syakib Bakri, Andi Makbul Aman, Haerani Rasyid, Arifin Seweng and Akiko Syawalidhany Tahir
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:52
  33. Infection with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) can progress to the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). Patients with liver cirrhosis are at increased risk of complications.

    Authors: Tawhida Yassin Abdel-Ghaffar, Haidy Mohammed Zakaria, Eman Mohamed Elsayed, Sondos Magdy, Suzan El Naghi, Suhaib Alsayed Mohammed Naeem, Mahmoud Yosry Hasan and Rabab Qasim khallaf
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:51
  34. Outcome of HCV treatment with direct antiviral agents in malignant patients is questionable. The aim is to assess the safety and efficacy of DAAs in treatment of chronic HCV patients who received chemotherapy ...

    Authors: Mira Atef, Rasha Eletreby, Mohamed Abdallah, Rasha Salama, Wafaa Elakel, Mohamed Hassany, Wael Abdel-Razek, Yehia El Shazly, Wahid Doss and Gamal Esmat
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:50
  35. Hepatitis C virus is a viral infection associated with autoimmune disorders. This virus has hepatic and extrahepatic manifestations. One of the extrahepatic manifestations associated with the hepatitis C virus...

    Authors: Suraiya Hirani, Amynah Charania, Sandhiya Salim and Sanam Faheem
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:49
  36. Liver resection and local ablation are the two primary curative treatments for early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Microwave ablation (MWA) shows promising performance in terms of early tumor response,...

    Authors: Ayman M. A. Osman, Ashraf Omar Abdelaziz, Mahmoud Deweir, Ayman Salah, Shady Tarek Elghazaly Harb, Mohamed Mahmoud Nabeel, Ahmed Hosni Abdelmaksoud, Hend Ibrahim Shousha, Tamer Mahmoud Elbaz and Mohamed B. Hashem
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:48
  37. The SAF score (steatosis, activity, and fibrosis) has been developed for the assessment of the histological severity of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The aim...

    Authors: Ahmed El Ray, Valerie Paradis, Ahmed Montasser, Maged Elghannam, Mohamed Shemis, Iris Nessim, Hoda Abu-Taleb, Tarik Asselah, Ashiq Mohamed, Nicolas Poté, Maha Akl and Patrick Marcellin
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:47
  38. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a major worldwide healthcare problem with subsequent serious complications including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Hence, taking cognizance of HBV impact is...

    Authors: Eman Raslan, Mohamed AbdAllah and Saeed Soliman
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:46
  39. Liver cirrhosis is the last phase of chronic hepatitis C virus infection. During the compensated phase, portal pressure is still below the point where varices start to form. On the contrary, decompensated indi...

    Authors: Abdelfattah Hanno, Ali M. EL-Kady, Essam Bedewy, Reham A. Abo Elwafa and Mohammed S. Ahmed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:45
  40. Acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of acute liver injury (ALI) and acute liver failure (ALF) in the developed world. We aimed at studying the therapeutic potential of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell...

    Authors: Hanaa Ahmed El-Araby, Gihan Ahmed Sobhy, Suhaib Alsayed Mohammed Naeem, Aly Fahmy Mohamed Alsayed, Haidy Mohammed Zakaria and Mohammed Ahmed Khedr
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:44
  41. Coronavirus causes an outbreak of viral pneumonia that spread throughout the world. Liver injury is becoming more widely recognized as a component of the clinical picture of COVID-19 infection. Hepatitis with ...

    Authors: Maged T. Elghannam, Moataz H. Hassanien, Yosry A. Ameen, Gamal M. ELattar, Ahmed A. ELRay, Emad A. Turky and Mohammed D. ELTalkawy
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:43
  42. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) represents the sixth most common cancer worldwide and the fourth in Egypt. Persistent inflammation and specific somatic mutations in driving genes play a major role in the develo...

    Authors: Marwa A. Abdel-Wahed, Eman Mohamed Abdel Rahman Amer, Ramy Mohamed Mahmoud, Iman Fawzy Montasser, Yassmin M. Massoud, Perihan Hamdy and Safeya Hamdy Zakaria Hassan
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:42
  43. Wilson’s disease (WD) is a rare genetic disorder of copper metabolism that results in dysfunction of copper excretion into bile leading to its accumulation in the liver, brain, cornea, and kidney. Only a few e...

    Authors: Hani Sayed Aboalam, Marwa Khalaf Hassan, Nada El-domiaty, Nagat Faisal Ibrahim, Anwar M. Ali, Wesam Hassan, Esam Ghanem Abu El Wafa, Ashraf Elsaghier, Helal F. Hetta, Mohamed Elbadry and Mohamed El-Kassas
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:41
  44. Regional adiposity has a significant impact on the formation of adverse metabolic and cardiovascular risk profiles. While much of the attention was directed to the importance of intra-abdominal adipose tissue,...

    Authors: Hany Samir Rasmy, Ahmed Shaaban Hamed, Salah El Demerdash, Hanan Hafez Zeidan and Sameh Attia Amin
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:38
  45. Without firm diagnostic criteria, the exact prevalence of cirrhotic cardiomyopathy still remains unknown. Its estimation is rather a difficult task as the disease is generally latent and shows itself only when...

    Authors: Hatem H. Al Atroush, Khaled H. Mohammed, Fatma M. Nasr, Mohammed I. Al Desouky and Mohammed A. Rabie
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:37

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