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  1. Regression of fibrosis and improvement of portal hemodynamics after achievement of sustained viral response (SVR) in patients with chronic hepatitis C (HCV) is a subject of debate in different studies. Some st...

    Authors: Waleed Attia Hassan, Sherif I. Kamel, Ibrahim Abdel Naby Mahmoud, Nahed Makhlouf, Mahmoud Moubark and Sahar M. Hassany
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:49
  2. Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) and Adamine (Amantadine HCl) are antiviral drugs which are used for prevention and treatment for influenza. The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of Tamiflu and Adamine...

    Authors: Nagla Zaky Ibrahim El-Alfy, Samia Mohamed Sakr, Mahmoud Fathy Mahmoud and Heba Ahmed Omar
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:46
  3. Dengue or breakbone fever is one of the most important causes of febrile illness in children residing in tropical and subtropical regions. This mosquito-borne viral disease is mediated by the bite of the infec...

    Authors: Rubaiyat Alam, Md. Rukunuzzaman and Khan Lamia Nahid
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:45
  4. Broad applications of nanoparticles have invoked the concerns about their impacts on living organisms. This study aimed to evaluate the possible changes that could take place in the liver of feral pigeons (Columb...

    Authors: Mehran Arabi and Hamid-Reza Naseri
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:44
  5. Elevated levels of serum liver transaminases are good indicators of liver cell damage, and elevated serum gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) level is a good indicator of both bile duct and hepatocellular damage....

    Authors: Epitagama Liyana Arachchige Navoda Navanjalee Dilhara, Kosgahagoda Durage Chandika Pushpakumara, Pathiranage Dias and Athapaththu Mudiyanselage Buddhika Priyadarshani
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:42
  6. The prognostic ability of albumin-bilirubin score (ALBI) to assess the hepatic dysfunction in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) was previously studied. Its role in the staging of liver fibrosis post...

    Authors: Mohamed B. Hashem, Shereen Abdel Alem, Aisha Elsharkawy, Rabab Fouad, Gamal Esmat and Zeinab Abdellatif
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:40
  7. Terlipressin is a commonly used drug in cirrhotic patients with acute variceal bleed (AVB) due to its vasoconstrictor effects. Ischemic complications are uncommon adverse events associated with worse outcomes.

    Authors: Arpit Shastri, Sweta Rose, Nikhil Vojjala, Naveen Bhagat and Arka De
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:39
  8. Biliary atresia is associated with considerable morbidity, and it is the most frequent indication for pediatric liver transplantation. Hepatic portoentostomy (HPE), Kasai procedure, is used commonly as the fir...

    Authors: Samira A. Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed Taha, Mohamed Balabel, Osama Hegazy, Esam Salah, Mervat Soltan, Marowa A. Tahoon and Gihan A. Sobhy
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:38
  9. Currently, nonalcoholic liver disease (NAFLD) is the most predominant chronic liver disorder. NAFLD has been linked to hepatic and extrahepatic morbidities. We aimed to investigate the role of acoustic radiati...

    Authors: Mohamed Yosef El Hassafy, Abeer Shawky Elhadidi, Mona Mostafa Tahoon, Eman El-Dawi Hemimi and Sameh Aldesoky Lashen
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:37
  10. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) remains as the gold standard of surgical treatment for gallstone disease. Biliary duct injury (BDI) is an infrequent but serious complication of LC. Strasberg's critical view ...

    Authors: Jose Agustin Rodriguez Zamboni, Paloma Ruiz Diaz, Maria Elena Peña, Fernando Iglesia and Guillermo Pfaffen
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:36
  11. Chronic hepatitis C (HCV) and B viruses (HBV) represent the commonest global causes of liver cirrhosis. Other etiologies of non-viral cirrhosis such as autoimmune, metabolic, vascular, or biliary diseases are ...

    Authors: Haidi Karam-Allah Ramadan, Fathiya El-Raey, Samy Zaky, Asmaa Bakr, El-Zahraa M. Meghezel, Shamardan Ezzeldin S. Bazeed, Rehab Badawi, Sherief Abd-Elsalam, Mohamed Elbadry, Mahmoud Hagag and Mohamed Zakaria Abu Rahma
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:35
  12. Various laboratory parameters like C-reactive protein (CRP), Cortisol, and Von Willebrand factor antigen have been evaluated independently in foreseeing outcomes of cirrhotic patients. As these parameters lack...

    Authors: Sunil Kumar, Param Shah, Sourya Acharya, Anil Wanjari, Shilpa Bawankule, Sachin Agrawal, Charan Bagga, Dhruv Talwar and Mansi Patel
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:34
  13. The current study aimed to investigate the oxidative stress in rat liver with diabetes mellitus (DM) as well as the protective effects of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on irisin expression.

    Authors: Mehmet Mustafa Erdogan, Mehmet Ali Erdogan, Suleyman Koc, Alper Yalcin, Ahmet Turk and Esra Akkus Yetkin
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:33
  14. Oral direct-acting antiviral (DAA) regimens for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection have greatly improved treatment efficacy, with sustained virological response (SVR) rates of > 95% for HCV monoinfected...

    Authors: El-Araby Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby, Eman Abdelsameea, Mary Naguib, Asmaa Gomaa and Imam Waked
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:32
  15. Chronic hepatitis C (HCV) infection is a leading cause of liver cirrhosis (LC) worldwide with decompensation-related clinical sequelae. Sarcopenia is currently recognized as a fundamental complication of LC ow...

    Authors: Amany Nabil Abbasy, Hoda Mohamed Abdel-Naby and Walid Ismail Ellakany
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:31
  16. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is one of the leading causes of acute viral hepatitis. There are thought to be 20 million infections per year in poorer nations with inadequate sanitation. In Egypt, awareness about the...

    Authors: Abd El-Fattah Hanno, Ehab El Khouly, Mervat Abdel-Rauof, Ahmed Moghazy and Shaimaa Dauod
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:30
  17. Two chief hurdles in most cancer treatments are chemoresistance and tumor recurrence, especially counting hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Most conformist chemotherapy fails to completely cure HCC patients beca...

    Authors: Vasanthakumar Sekar, Ramakrishnan Veerabathiran, Arjun Pandian and Ganesan Sivamani
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:29
  18. Reactivation of herpesviruses such as Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV) in COVID-19 patients reported in many studies in different countries during the pandemic. We aimed to measure prevalence...

    Authors: Eman F Barakat, Ahmed F Sherief, Nesma G Elsheikh and Mai Mohi M. El-Metwaly Khalifa
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:27
  19. Authors: Zahra Koohestani Sini, Mohammad Esmaeil Afzalpour, Mohsen Mohammadnia Ahmadi, Mohammad Ali Sardar, Homa Khaleghzadeh, Sattar Gorgani‑Firuzjaee, Martin Hofmeister, Esedullah Akaras and Amin Azimkhani
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:26

    The original article was published in Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:63

  20. To date, alpha-feto protein (AFP) remains the most widely used serum biomarker for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) diagnosis and prognosis. However, its role has become controversial as close to 30% of early st...

    Authors: Erick Thokerunga, Peter Kisembo, Huang FangFang, Wang Zi, Zhang Yu, Christian Cedrick Bongolo and Jiancheng Tu
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:25
  21. Sarcopenia, characterised by a loss of muscle strength, quantity/quality, and physical performance, is associated with increased mortality and poor clinical outcomes in patients with liver cirrhosis. The use o...

    Authors: Mohammed Magdy Salama, Essam Mohammed Bayoumi, Moataz Mohammed Sayed, Samia Ahmed Abdul-Rahman, Shereen Abo Baker Saleh, Ayman Samwel Zaky and Ghada Abdelrahman Mohamed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:24
  22. IgG4-mediated sclerosing cholangitis (IgG4-SC) is an autoimmune disease that generally occurs in association with type 1 autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP). However, an isolated variant of IgG4-SC is a rare disease...

    Authors: Soundarya Ravi, Srinivas Bheemanathi Hanuman, Senthil Gnanasekhran and Biju Pottakkat
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:23
  23. Acoustic radiation force impulse elastography (ARFI) represents an innovative non-invasive tool for the evaluation of liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, and early identification of neoplastic nodules during the follow...

    Authors: Shereen Abdel Alem, Heba omar, Naglaa Zayed, Mahasen Mabrouk and Ayman Yosry
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:22
  24. HCV and HIV co-infected patients develop cirrhosis more rapidly than HCV mono-infection. Intestinal injury and microbial translocation are postulated mechanisms for the rapid progression of cirrhosis.

    Authors: Hanan Abdelhaleem, Marwa Khairy, Mahmoud Abdo, Ahmed Cordie, Marwa Elsharkawy, Shereen Abdel Alem, Aisha Elsharkawy, Lamiaa Al sehemy and Gamal Esmat
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:21
  25. Low-phospholipid associated cholelithiasis (LPAC) remains an under-diagnosed condition. It can be revealed by complications such as acute cholecystitis, acute angiocholitis and acute pancreatitis. We report a ...

    Authors: Chantelli Iamblaudiot Razafindrazoto, Behoavy Mahafaly Ralaizanaka, Jolivet Auguste Rakotomalala, Christiane Stern, Soloniaina Hélio Razafimahefa, Rado Manitrala Ramanampamonjy and Pascal Lebray
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:20
  26. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become a gold standard treatment for symptomatic cholelithiasis and other related diseases done in most centers worldwide. It is associated with an increase in frequency of iat...

    Authors: Andrew Yesaya Swallow, Ali Hamisi Mwanga, Kibwana Kitembo, Godfrey Mchele, Larry Akoko and Azza Awadh
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:18
  27. There is little and conflicting data about the peripheral CD4+CD25+CD127 Tregs in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) of various etiologies. The expressed membrane-bound transforming growth factor (mTGF...

    Authors: Mona Abd El-Rahman Abu El-Makarem, Douaa Mohammed Sayed, Ragaa Abdelshaheed Matta, Mahmoud Ragab Mohamed, Manal Ameer Abd El-Malak and Nehal Ibrahim Abbas
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:17
  28. Hepatitis C virus is the underlying cause of chronic hepatitis which frequently progresses to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. In addition, HCV is thought to cause steatosis, dyslipidemia, insulin resis...

    Authors: Hany Samir Rasmy, Mohammed Abd Elfattah Elmalatawy, Khaled Zakaria ElKarmoty, Ebrahim Youssef Abdelwarth and Amira Isaac
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:16
  29. Vitamin D, a hormone involved in the regulation of mineral homeostasis, protects skeletal integrity and modulates cell growth and differentiation. Recently, its potential antifibrotic effects have also been id...

    Authors: Hebatallah Saad Abouzeed, Lerine Bahey Eldin, Shereen Mohamed El Masry, Gina Gamal Naguib, Mona Ali Nagy, Nadin Nabil Toaima and Tawhida Yassin Abdel-Ghaffar
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:15
  30. Natural bioactive components derived from plant secondary metabolites have been pronounced as valuable alternatives for anticipating and subsiding hepatotoxic effects and its chronic complications based on exp...

    Authors: Bipindra Pandey, Rishiram Baral, Atisammodavardhana Kaundinnyayana and Sushil Panta
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:14
  31. Decompensated liver disease (DCLD) has high mortality, and its prediction is important to prognosticate and prioritize patients for liver transplantation. MELD, MELD variants, and CTP were widely tested for mo...

    Authors: Shanid Abdul Sathar and Jijo Vargheese
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:13
  32. This study aimed to evaluate the rate of hepatic decompensation and de novo HCC and identify their independent factors in HCV genotype 4-infected patients with compensated liver cirrhosis following successful ...

    Authors: Mohamad Saeed Marie, Hend Ibrahim Shousha, Wael Abdelrazek, Mohamad Hassany, Hosam Dabees, Reem Abdelghafour, Walaa mosaad Aboganob and Mohamed Said
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:12
  33. The liver has an important role in the different metabolic processes. So, inborn errors of metabolism will result in several metabolic disorders, which can cause acute or chronic liver disease leading to cirrh...

    Authors: Tawhida Yassin Abdel Ghaffar, Hani Sayed Abo-Alam, Mohammed Emam, Mortada El-Shabrawi, Ali Ibrahim Ali Soliman and Nourhan Badwei
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:11
  34. Egypt has been a pioneer in implementing a nationwide HCV screening and treatment program. Assessment of liver fibrosis after HCV eradication is important. The value of liver stiffness measurement (LSM) for th...

    Authors: Ahmed El Ray, Laurent Castera, Ahmed Al-Ashry and Sameh Ghali
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:10
  35. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is a significant complication among cirrhotic patients with ascites and is associated with high mortality. Early diagnosis and treatment of SBP are crucial, as they are ...

    Authors: Ahmed Abudeif, Mahmoud Ibrahim Elbadry and Nesma Mokhtar Ahmed
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:9
  36. Hepatic involvement is a common extranodal manifestation of common and some rare hematologic malignancies. Although the imaging features of more common hepatic diseases such as hepatocellular carcinoma, metast...

    Authors: Maged T. Elghannam, Moataz H. Hassanien, Yosry A. Ameen, Gamal M. ELattar, Ahmed A. ELRay, Mohammed D. ELtalkawy and Ahmed Y. Montasser
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:8
  37. The liver has a major role in the production of coagulation factors, and cirrhotic patients have a series of coagulopathy disorders. The present study aimed to measure plasma fibrinogen levels in children with...

    Authors: Samaneh Hamzelou Hosseinabadi, Naser Honar, Seyed Mohsen Dehghani and Hazhir Javaherizadeh
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:7
  38. Early detection of biliary atresia (BA) is a great challenge providing the main useful way to improve its clinical consequence. Promising metabolomics provides an effective method for determining innovative bi...

    Authors: Samah Abdelfatah Eshiaty, Shimaa Abdelsattar, Dina Sweed, Samira A. Abdel-Aziz, Ashraf Elfert and Hala Elsaid
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:6
  39. Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD) is a rare histiocytic disorder recently recognized as a neoplasm due to the discovery of activating MAPK pathway mutations. Hepatic involvement by ECD is extremely rare.

    Authors: Ruchi Sharma, Mary S. Stone, Donald E. Macfarlane, Andrew M. Bellizzi and Gopala Koneru
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:4
  40. NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is increasing worldwide. Inflammation, fibrosis, and steatosis are the three components of NAFLD. Cardiac events are the most common cause of death in NAFLD. It is bel...

    Authors: Jijo Varghese, Krishnadas Devadas, Neeraj Vinayakumar, Nibin Nahaz, Atul Hareendran, Tharun Tom Oommen and Bony George
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:3
  41. Iatrogenic bile duct injuries are unusual but possibly associated with fatal complications with increased incidence since the introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Appropriate estimation of these injur...

    Authors: Mohamed Saied Abdelgawad, Mohamed Eid, Sameh Abokoura, Mohamed Amin Elmazaly and Rasha Abdelhafiz Aly
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:2
  42. Endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation (EPLBD) after sphincterotomy (EST) was introduced for the removal of large (≥ 10 mm) or multiple bile duct stones. This method combines the advantages of EST and EPL...

    Authors: Hossam Ibrahim Mohammed, Ali Saad Eldin Nada, Randa Mohamed Seddik and Ahmed Ragab ElGazara
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2023 13:1
  43. Hepatitis C virus, a member of Flaviviridae is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus infecting 62–79 million people around the globe. This blood-borne virus is one of the leading causes of liver diseases ...

    Authors: Fatima Butt, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Hassan, Farah Tawakkal, Iram Amin, Samia Afzal, Rashid Bhatti, Rabia Nawaz and Muhammad Idrees
    Citation: Egyptian Liver Journal 2022 12:71

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