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Table 1 Laboratory data of the case on presentation

From: A unique case of black choledocholithiasis: a video-based case review in the Pancreato-Biliary Division–Endoscopy Unit of National Liver Institute (NLI)

Variables Pre-ERCP
CBC Hb (g/dL) 10.3
WBC (103/μL) 5.9
Platelets (103/μL) 246
Liver profile Albumin (g/dl) 4.7
Bilirubin (mg/dL) 0.8
PT (%) 100
INR 0.9
AST (U/L) 34
ALT (U/L) 32
ALP (U/L) 93
GGT (U/L) 34
Renal profile Urea (mg/dL) 31
Creatinine (mg/dL) 0.5
Sodium (mmol/L) 145
Potassium (mmol/L) 4.1
Others Amylase (U/L) 23
Lipase (U/L) 12
D dimer (mg/dl) 0.4
Ferritin (μg/L) 45
CRP (mg/l) 1.5
  1. CBC complete blood picture, HB hemoglobin, WBCs white blood cells, MCV mean corpuscular volume, MCHC mean corpuscular volume concentration, RDW red cell width, PT prothrombin concentration, INR international normalized ratio, AST aspartate transaminase, ALT alanine transaminase, ALP alkaline phosphatase, GGT gamma glutamyl transferee, CRP C-reactive protein