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Table 1 Nutritional composition of used standard chow diet and modified fish oil diet

From: A fish oil-rich diet leads to lower adiposity and serum triglycerides but increases liver lipid peroxidation in fructose-fed rats

Nutritional composition (100 g) Standard chow diet (CT)1 Modified fish oil diet (FOFr)
Energy content 336 Kcal 392.4 Kcal
Carbohydrates 53 g (63%) 47.7 g (49%)
Proteins 22 g (26%) 19.8 g (21%)
Lipids 4 g (11%) 13.6 g (30%)
  1. 1Nutritional information was obtained from Nuvilab Cr-1® (Nuvital Nutrientes S/A) product label