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Table 6 Correlation of the MIS with demographic and laboratory parameters

From: Malnutrition inflammation index in chronic haemodialysis patients with or without hepatitis C virus infection

ParameterrP value
Height− 0.1760.087
Body weight− 0.2540.012
BMI− 0.4040.030
Haemoglobin− 0.0430.677
RBCS− 0.0940.363
WBCS− 0.1300.207
Platelet count− 0.0770.455
Creatinine− 0.0180.860
Blood urea− 0.0780.450
S. sodium0.0290.780
S. total calcium0.1580.072
S. potassium0.0290.783
Total iron-binding capacity− 0.0630.544
Serum transferrin0.0930.368
Albumin− 0.3780.0001
C-reactive protein− 0.0720.486
HCV infection0.2870.005
Viral load0.5010.0009
  1. BMI body mass index, MIS Malnutrition-Inflammation Score, r correlation coefficient; P value: P > 0.05 is non-significant and P < 0.05 is significant