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Table 5 AFP and sCD163 in recurrent and eradicated HCC cases pre- and post-locoregional intervention

From: Diagnostic and prognostic value of serum soluble CD163 in cirrhotic patients with hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma before and after locoregional therapy

Variable Recurrent HCC cases (n=6) Eradicated HCC cases (n=30) p
AFP (ng/ml)  
Pre-intervention 0.832a
  Median (IQR) 356 (232.5–502.5) 305 (138.5–742.5)
  Median (IQR) 365 (235.8–1999.8) 249 (182–634) 0.279a
  p 0.832b 0.279b
sCD163 (mg/L)  
Pre-intervention < 0.001c
  Mean±SD 8.4±0.4 6.1±1.4
  Mean±SD 10.3±1.6 2.3±1.4 < 0.001c
  p 0.022d < 0.001d
  1. aMann-Whitney (U) test
  2. bWilcoxon rank sum test
  3. cIndependent t test
  4. dPaired t test