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Table 3 Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis of ALBI, PALBI, ALBI-PLT and ammonia in patients with and without MHE

From: Prediction of minimal encephalopathy in patients with HCV-related cirrhosis using albumin-bilirubin, platelets-albumin-bilirubin score, albumin-bilirubin-platelets grade and ammonia level

CTP0.6670.0010.604–0.725> 545.8%85.2%86.4%43.4%
MELD0.720.0010.645–0.787> 8.265.9%73.2%85.8%39.7%
ALBI-PLT0.6500.0010.545–0.67> 387.35%27.16%71.1%51.2%
Ammonia0.7680.0010.705–0.824> 76.571.69%72.5%91.5%38.2%
  1. AUC Area under the curve, C.I Confidence interval, Sn Sensitivity, Sp Specificity, PPV Positive predictive value, NPV Negative predictive value