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Table 1 Baseline data for included HCV-non-infected and HCV-infected haemodialysis patients

From: Malnutrition inflammation index in chronic haemodialysis patients with or without hepatitis C virus infection

ParameterHCV-non-infectedHCV-infectedP value
No. (%)50 (52.1%)46 (47.9%)
Gender (male/female)29/2132/140.241
Height (cm) (mean ± SD)165.2 ± 0.5164.2 ± 0.80.427
Body weight (kg) (mean ± SD)70.2 ± 2.266.1 ± 2.30.196
  1. No number of patients, SD standard deviation, BMI body mass index. P value: P > 0.05 is non-significant and P < 0.05 is significant. The basic demographics of the two groups were similar, and there was no significant difference between the two groups of subjects; P > 0.05 in height, body weight, and BMI