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Table 2 Research, related ethics, and biobank knowledge of the studied paramedical and administrative team participants, pre-intervention

From: Effect of educational intervention on knowledge and attitude towards research, research ethics, and biobanks among paramedical and administrative teams in the National Liver Institute, Egypt

Research, research ethics, and biobank knowledge itemsParamedical (N = 70)Administrative team (N = 115)
YesNoDo not knowYesNoDo not know
1. Previous participation in a scientific research.( yes)1318.65781.400.01613.99986.100.0
Scientific research is important in: 
2. Raising the degree in job (yes)6390710.000.09582.61815.721.7
3. Discovering a new treatment for diseases (yes)56801217.122.99481.71815.732.6
4. Contributing in the development of communities( yes)6390710.000.010288.71311.300.0
5. Helping to serve patients( yes)6694.345.700.09885.2108.776.1
6. There is no obvious importance to scientific research ( no)5477.11318.634.33732.27867.800.0
7. Presence of the National Liver Institute research ethics committee ( yes)1724.33042.82332.94740.95850.4108.7
8. Doing a research on patient or use their data without their permission (no)68.66491.400.03026.18271.332.6
9. Knowing biobanks (yes)1521.44868.6710.031275043.43429.6
10. Biobanks are useful for science, scientific research, and society ( yes)28403250.0710.046404942.62017.4
11. Patients are the only donors to biobanks ( no)4158.62637.134.36052.24135.61412.2
12. Taking blood or urine samples from the patient without his knowledge (no)57.16592.900.01412.210187.800.0
13. Presence of a biobank at the National Liver Institute (yes)1622.93042.82434.331276455.62017.4
  1. Correct answers are in italics, and the most frequent answers are in boldface