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Table 4 Correlation between PTX3 (ng/mL) and all other parameters

From: Pentraxin-3 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its affection by concomitant chronic hepatitis C infection

ParameterCorrelation coefficientp value
Age (in years)− 0.020.880
Body weight (Kg)0.220.073
Height (cm)− 0.160.195
Body mass index (Kg/m2)0.30a0.013
Smoking index− 0.0010.993
Waist circumference (cm)0.35a< 0.003
Fasting blood sugar (mg/dL)0.29a0.015
Post prandial blood sugar (mg/dL)0.230.054
Triglyceride (mg/dL)0.55a< 0.001
 HDL (mg/dL)− 0.24a0.048
 LDL (mg/dL)0.47a< 0.001
PCR for HCV (IU/mL)0.36a0.002
ALT (U/L)0.46a< 0.001
AST (U/L)0.46a< 0.001
Albumin (g/dL)− 0.63a< 0.001
Total bilirubin (mg/dL)0.66a< 0.001
Direct bilirubin (mg/dL)0.61a< 0.001
Hemoglobin (g/dL)− 0.230.054
 WBC (˟103/ cmm)− 0.120.342
 PLT (˟ 103/ cmm)− 0.41a< 0.001
Serum creatinine (mg/dL)− 0.140.26
Urea (mg/dL)− 0.0410.739
Total Cholesterol (mg/dL)0.50a< 0.001
  1. ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase, HCV hepatitis C virus, HDL high-density lipoprotein, LDL low-density lipoprotein
  2. aSignificant