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Fig. 1

From: Hepatic sclerosing hemangioma mimics hepatic malignancies: a case report and multidisciplinary approach

Fig. 1

a Axial fat suppression T2 showed a rather well-defined hyperintense left hepatic lobe segment II focal lesion surrounded by focal intrahepatic biliary radicles dilatation on background of non-cirrhotic liver. b Inconscipous enhacenemt in arterial phase c Mild ring enhancement in porto-venous and d Obvious ring enhacement in delayed phase of dynamic MRI. e Axial T2 fat suppression of the typical hemangioma showwd a rather well-defined bright left hepatic lobe segment IVb focal lesion, f Discontinuous peripheral nodular enhancement in arterial phase, g Centripetal fillin in porto-venous and h Closed iris sign in delayed equilibrium phase

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