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Table 4 Linear logistic models for factors affecting RRI among the studied groups

From: Renal resistive index in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as an indicator of early renal affection

VariablesΒSEp95% CIR2
Group 1
Age0.00420.0004< 0.001*0.0033–0.00510.998
Cholesterol0.00060.0001< 0.001*0.0004–0.0008
Group 2
Age0.00270.0007< 0.001*0.0013–0.00400.995
Group 3
Age0.00240.0005< 0.001*0.0014–0.00340.997
Cholesterol0.00080.0002< 0.001*0.0004–0.0011
  1. β regression coefficient, SE standard error, CI confidence interval, R2 coefficient of determination, *significant